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A Dynamics GP partner helps their clients save time, effort and costs on their business processes with Encore products.

Solutions from Encore are what our customers want. They want reliable and flexible products which makes Encore a great fit.

—Nidhi Bagri
Express Information Systems

Client Profile

Express Information Systems provides custom development, ongoing training and support for Microsoft and SAP software. Their goal is to accelerate their customers growth by automating business processes and improving reporting capabilities.


EIS is committed to helping small to medium size organizations achieve success by providing custom development, ongoing training and support for Microsoft and SAP software.  Their goal is to help customers make more profitable decisions and accelerate growth by providing software solutions that automate unique business processes and improve reporting capabilities.

To ensure they deliver on their commitment, EIS looked to a solution provider that would help achieve goals for not only their customers but for their company as well.  It was important to partner with a company who provided quality, reliable products and excellent sales tools for their continued success.  It was also important to partner with a company who had industry knowledge and a long standing history in the channel for delivering on promise and bringing value to its customers. Partnering with Encore did just that.

Achieving Partner and Customer Success

EIS partnered with Encore in 2003 because they wanted their customers to have solutions available that would easily integrate with other applications.  An application that would improve customer billing procedures, increase efficiency and reduce processing time by streamlining work flow. They began selling Encore’s Billing and Project Tracking Solutions and as a result their customers were able to save time, effort and costs on their business processes shortly after implementation.

“Solutions from Encore are what our customers want.  They want reliable and flexible products which makes Encore a great fit,” states Nidhi Bagri, Business Developer Manager/Account Manager, Express Information Systems.  “Working with Encore was a no brainer; their products help our customers enhance their business processes. Encore exceeded the criteria that our customers set for an effective and easy-to-maintain solution.”

Recurring Contract Billing

“Encore’s billing solution has helped our customers streamline their billing processes!” - Nidhi Bagri, Business Developer Manager/Account Manager, Express Information Systems

EIS found their clients biggest challenge to be financial reporting. Customers had to open many different applications to complete one task. With Recurring Contract Billing, multiple software applications and invoice entries for multiple companies became a thing of the past. 

“Encore provides us with all of the right tools to improve our customers billing process,” states Bagri.  “Our customers want a hassle-free reliable system that reduces their work load in one application.  Recurring Contract Billing does just that, it all works beautifully!”

Advanced SmartList

Most recently, EIS started to sell Encore’s Advanced SmarList, a seamless extension to Microsoft Dynamics GP popular query tool, SmartList.  With Advanced SmartList EIS’s customers have the ability to sum and sort query data, thereby saving time and improving access to online information. According to Bagri, Advanced SmartList is one of EIS’s best selling products.

“With Advanced SmartList, it’s an easy-to-use tool and needs no explanation,” states Bagri.  “Previously our customers had to drill into six different spreadsheets and multiple windows to get one action completed. Now with Advanced SmartList it only takes 30 seconds!” 

“We put Advanced SmartList on every quote because we know our customers need it!” - Nidhi Bagri, Business Developer Manager/Account Manager, Express InformationSystems

Encore is a great fit for EIS and provides them with the support needed to properly position and sell their products.  By working with Encore, EIS has been able to satisfy specific customer needs and as a result has seen an increase in customer satisfaction. 

“I’m very satisfied with Encore; I have always received a quick and positive response from them.  They are just always there for us.” Bagri explained.  “Encore provides us with support and helps us achieve our revenue goal, to exceed $15 million by 2010.  We are well on our way to do so and with the support from partnerships like Encore we see our growth and success continue everyday.”

Business Solutions
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Effective communication
  • Valuable sales tools
  • Increased revenue
  • Excellent support

What people are saying...

Working with Encore was a no brainer; their products help our customers enhance their business processes. Encore exceeded the criteria that our customers set for an effective and easy-to-maintain solution.

—Nidhi Bagri,
Business Developer Manager/Account Manager
Express Information Systems