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Reliable and stable products help clients realize quick time to value for a Dynamics GP partner

We do business with Encore whenever we can. If we see a client with a need for an Encore product we will sell it to them. The bottom line is that the products work.

—Brian Gallagher

Client Profile

As leaders in successful deployment of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Inscio’s complete approach includes understanding the system design from workflow to how data is stored. Having this complete approach, Inscio is able to assist clients improve business processes, streamline and automate data input and deliver the exact management data that is required.


Brian Gallagher, a Principal Partner of Inscio has worked at various companies that have supported Microsoft Dynamics, specifically Dynamics GP.  His experience and loyalty to Microsoft Dynamics GP extends over the last eight years.  Throughout those years Brian has recommended products from Encore Business Solutions as part of a solution to help customers operate more efficiently, profitably and competitively.  No different than today, Brian and his colleagues at Inscio wanted to provide their clients with user-friendly and quality products. 

The functionality of Encore’s Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics and Recurring Contract Billing is what brought Inscio to Encore; and it is the quality of the products, the service and the support Encore provides them and their clients with that keeps Inscio positioning and selling the products.

“We do business with Encore whenever we can,” states Brian Gallagher, Principal Partner, Inscio.  “If we see a client with a need for an Encore product we will sell it to them.  The bottom line is that the products work.” 

Solutions that Fit

Like other partners in the channel Inscio is selective about which Solution Developers they work with. They choose to sell Encore products for the same reasons they remain committed to selling Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

“Encore does quality development,” says Gallagher.  “They have stable, reliable products and excellent product and sales support to back it up.  I do consider Encore to be a premium brand.”

Since working with Encore and utilizing the sales tools made available to partners, Inscio has gained enough knowledge to confidently implement Encore products on their own.  Not having to rely on Encore for implementation and user training is a huge benefit as it reduces the time it takes to get a customer up and running and realize the benefits of the products.

“Encore provides really good sales tools for their products,” states Gallagher. “We have the ability to run with the positioning and implementation of the products ourselves.” 

Future Plans

Inscio is planning to continue to increase the size and scope of their organization and Brian has no doubt in his mind that Encore and Inscio will continue to maintain a successful partnership. 

“Encore is very responsive.  We know that if we ever needed an Encore representative they will be there to assist us.  There are no unrealistic expectations,” states Gallagher.

Selling and implementing Encore products will continue to be a part of how Inscio plans to help their customers realize some of their own success.  The feedback they receive from their customers related to Encore products is consistently positive. 

“With Encore I sell a product that’s going to work and keep my customer’s happy,” states Gallagher.  “We think Encore has the products our customers need and should be excited about.”

Business Solutions
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Reduced implementation time
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Valuable sales tools
  • Excellent support
  • Quality products

What people are saying...

Encore does quality development. They have stable, reliable products and excellent product and sales support to back it up. I do consider Encore to be a premium brand. With Encore I sell a product that’s going to work and keep my customer’s happy. We think Encore has the products our customers need and should be excited about.

—Brian Gallagher,
Principal Partner