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Step 4: Choose the Right Partner

Now that you’ve narrowed down the technology options that would fit your particular needs and goals, it’s time to select a Microsoft Dynamics partner that will fit just as well. 

Of course it’s important to qualify your partner based on their technology expertise, but you’ll also want to inquire about their team’s business experience, project management methodology and continued support options. Just as critical is your partner’s ability to manage the range of emotions that, if not handled carefully, can derail a successful transition to your new system. 

You are entitled to a world of benefits simply for being part of the Microsoft Dynamics community. To ensure you get the most value from your technology investment, and your partnership, we encourage you to ask your Microsoft Dynamics partner the following questions.

1. Are you a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner?

You deserve to work with the best. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners must pass ongoing certification testing and have earned customer recognition for consistently demonstrating outstanding expertise across numerous technical and service competencies.    

2. Is your team qualified to deliver measurable business improvements?  

Understanding software is one thing, but providing thought leadership to help your business run better requires a different level of experience. Don’t be afraid to ask about the team behind the company including their technical and business expertise.

3. What additional support do you offer?  

The Microsoft Dynamics community is a helpful bunch. Aside from your partner’s support, they should help you join peer user forums and groups facilitated by Microsoft experts where you can ask questions, get training, attend special events and learn the latest news.  

4. Do you provide access to Microsoft’s CustomerSource?

Your partner should provide you with access to CustomerSource, an excellent online resource for Microsoft Dynamics customers. The site is packed with helpful information and self-service tools for training, upgrades, license management and more.

5. Will you keep me involved and updated?

Your partner should prepare you for Microsoft customer events and conferences including help scheduling meetings and activities. In addition, you should continuously be informed of product announcements, releases, offers, end-of-life dates, pricing changes and licensing matters.   

Not all partners are created equal. We work with many loyal customers who came to us searching for their first technology partner and many more who were simply outgrowing their prior partner or unhappy with their experience.

If you want to work with an experienced Microsoft Gold Certified Partner who can answer the tough questions and deliver improvements that matter, the Encore team is ready to help.