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Step 3: Choose the Right System

You’ve done your homework, you have a strategy in place and you’re ready to make a decision on which business management solution is the best fit for your needs. Congratulations! We know it takes a lot of work to get here and have a few recommendations on how to start narrowing down your choices. 

Create a short list.

While there are plenty of options available to you, we recommend focusing on the three solutions you feel are the strongest. You’ll want to look at functional fit of course, but you’ll also want to evaluate the vendor’s investment in the product. Learn about the future plans for the product (also known as a Road Map), the commitment to research and development and what kind of support is behind the product.  

See it in action.

The best way to know if a solution will work for you is to see it in action. Online demos and webinars will give you a good introduction, but if you really want to get inside a system, request a personalized demonstration. You’ll be able to see specific features related to your requirements and have the ability to ask questions about integration, functionality or any future needs you might have.

Do your math.

An ERP solution is a big investment and, no matter what size your company, it’s important to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your investment. If you are considering on-premise solutions, find out about any renewal and enhancement fees as well as any additional hardware you might need. If you are looking at cloud-based options, evaluate your short-term costs versus long-term costs. Also allow for periodic refresher training. Research shows that companies intend to take advantage of all those slick features but as time goes on and employees change, application knowledge is lost.

Now that you’ve done all this hard work, you are ready to make the most important decision of all. Who can you trust to turn your vision into reality?

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