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Turn your data into a valuable tool instead of being an underutilized asset with Tableau

Why Encore?
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  • Liberate your data

    By using Tableau Software to interact with your data, you’ll gain fresh perspectives allowing for new opportunities to be identified.  Ask questions about your organization’s performance, and satisfy them immediately by dragging and dropping the metrics you need to visualize the answer.  Determine what’s working for your business (or what is lagging) by slicing and dicing all of your data’s parameters with ease.

    The Power of Tableau

    Tableau excels at allowing you to analyze customer surveys, view data over any time range, display “big data” trends, and map your information, but it is by no means limited to these functions.  Insights are gained on the spot in an interactive, immediately customizable environment.

    Tableau’s interface has been designed to work with a wide variety of data types, and their solutions can be employed at any level of your organization.  Effectively use Tableau to analyze marketing strategies, sales reports, supply chains, website data, HR practices and beyond.

    With Tableau, you can turn your data into a valuable tool instead of having it remain as an underutilized asset.  Seeing the variety of opportunities and trends presented by your information requires it to be displayed in a way that makes sense; and this is exactly what Tableau excels at.

    Why partner with Encore?

    Working with Encore’s specialized Business Intelligence team you’ll be sure to get even more out of your solution.  The team’s deep technical skills and strong business acumen ensures your Tableau solution helps move your business forward.


  • Rated by Gartner as a “Leader” in business intelligence, Tableau offers sharp, easy to use dashboards to help you make better decisions. Tableau transforms your databases and spreadsheets into easy-to-use, visually interactive dashboards.

    Take control and extract the most value out of your data


    • Understand and communicate information in the most effective way possible.  View your data as a chart, graph, map, or other interface that allows you to see what you need to see


    • Connect to all of your data sources for up-to-the-minute data analysis, made easy by your intuitively created visualizations


    • Combine multiple views by dragging and dropping, allowing you to see the complete picture


    • Instantly publish your interactive visualizations to the web; share and collaborate with members of your organization

    Mobile Intelligence

    • Tableau’s touch-optimized iPad and Android apps make it even easier to access and work with your dashboards on the go
  • What Can You Do with a Tableau Dashboard (3:07 minutes)

    Introduction to Tableau: How to Create a Dashboard (47:20 minutes)

  • Tableau User Manuals

  • Tableau Build Notes

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