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Automate and streamline the delivery process

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  • Create a seamless connection between your employees, vendors and business processes

    As an additional module to REAP™ Automated Delivery, allows users to easily create a two way communication between scheduled deliveries and the unattended weighing system facilitating a 24/7 receiving and shipping operation. Customers and vendors can interact directly with the unattended weigh system thereby reducing the reliance on others.


    • Automate and streamline the delivery process
    • Empower drivers to seamlessly interact with the system to activate the pump and retrieve scale tickets and bill of lading
    • Increase productivity; eliminate the need for dedicated scale operators and allow your staff to focus on more pressing business tasks
  • Automated Delivery Features:

    • Provide unattended systems with a list of scheduled authorized shipments and receipts
    • Retrieve completed shipments and receipts for contract application and settlement
    • Control access to system via pre-authorized access number
    • Automate printing of scale tickets
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