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Effectively manage your third party investments in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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About the Solution
  • Reduce administrative costs by managing investments and obligations internally

    Investor Relationship Manager seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows users to coordinate, monitor and manage various types of third party investments including shareholder investments and equities such as stock certificates and dividends.  


    • Track details relating to investor holdings and share certificates
    • Increased control and security over investor management process
    • Deliver timely information to shareholders
    • Increased shareholder satisfaction
  • Features:

    • Manage investment securities and share prices
    • Calculate dividends and track dividend distribution histories
    • Provide powerful and flexible investment and ROI analysis
    • Process investment transactions such as sales, splits, buybacks and dividend payments to shareholders
    • Create and track shareholder records leveraging functionality within Dynamics GP
    • Create investment classes to handle preferred and common shares and their distributions
    • Establish different distribution periods for each company (i.e. monthly, quarterly, annually)
    • Analyze share class historical data (i.e. detail, summary, cumulative)
    • Print customizable share certificate documents
    • Automatic distribution calculation
    • Auto-creation of investor payables transactions
    • Distribution to multiple classes based on user defined values
    • Ability to enter historical share information

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