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Get a Microsoft business intelligence solution that everyone in your organization can use.

Why Encore?
About the Solution
  • Business Intelligence for the Masses

    Get a business intelligence solution (BI) from Microsoft that works for everyone. A BI solution that provides your employees instant self-service and a solution that makes IT happy with easy integration.

    Microsoft business intelligence tools combine your structured and unstructured data to provide a central reporting environment for all your inquiries.

    You’ll use many of the tools that you already own and enjoy like Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, and Office 365 for faster deployment and better adoption amoung your organization.

    The Power of Microsoft BI

    The Microsoft platform provides you a business intelligence platform that allows you to analyze your data in ad-hoc analysis and discover new insights you weren’t previously aware of - insights that help run your business better.

    By way of Microsoft’s BI platform you’ll be able to create interactive dashboards, 3D visualizations, and have flexible in-memory modelling on the fly. Add to that, you’ll be able to collaborate with your colleagues anywhere whether on the road or at home.

    Why Partner with Encore?

    As Microsoft’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner in Canada, Encore Business Solutions is uniquely positioned for deploying Microsoft’s BI platforms in that it has a wide breadth of experience in all of Microsoft’s technologies.

    Our wide range of experience integrating BI solutions with the rest of your enterprise solutions, ensures a successful implementation. Often not an easy feat.

  • When you choose Microsoft, you are choosing a solution that your employees are already familiar with and can easily learn themselves.


    • Self-service BI tools like Microsoft Excel and Office 365 Power BI allow your employees to get up and running quickly
    • Share insights and reports with your colleagues with tools like Microsoft Power BI
    • Power Query inside of Microsoft Excel allows you to quickly transform data into the right formats
    • Merge data sources with Power View and quickly produce interactive visualizations, 3D visualizations or interactive tours with tools like Power Map inside of Microsoft Excel
    • Power Pivot, a tool for analytical modelling, allows you to drill down and discover the insights needed to improve the bottom line

    Read the Power BI for Office 365 Datasheet

    Dashboards and Reports

    • Microsoft SharePoint technologies allow you to render beautiful dashboards in real-time
    • With tools like Power View inside of SharePoint quickly transform the shape of your data into KPIs that you can use to measure progress and guard for changes to your goals
    • Use the SharePoint reporting libraries environment to provide yourself subscriptions to reports and receive proactive alerts when reports change, keeping yourself up to date
    • Microsoft’s Report Builder helps drive any types of reports, matrix views, charts, gauges, or spark lines. Then, easily render your reports into PDF, CSV, XML or Images (TIFF) depending on your audience

    Read the SQL Server Reporting Services Datasheet


    • Leverage Microsoft SQL Server Analysis to drive the scale and analysis of your data
    • With Microsoft’s SQL Server Analysis Services allows for multidimensional analysis or tabular analysis, allowing you the flexibility to manipulate how you build your analysis
    • Get the flexibility you need across your analytics to drive new dashboards and scorecards
    • Ensure only the right people see the information by having SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) address all the permissions issues of your organization right down to row level security

    Read the SQL Server Analysis Services Datasheet

    Predictive Analytics

    • You have the history, so why not start forecasting better? Use SQL’s predictive analytics and familiar Microsoft Excel with data mining add-ins to reduce your risk and produce a better bottom line
    • Use sophisticated data mining capabilities allows you to leverage cross validation, statistical scoring, near term predictions or long term predictions
    • Perform e-commerce shopping basket analysis, reduce churn and learn why people are abandoning transactions all within Microsoft’s business intelligence tools

    Read the SQL Server Data Mining Datasheet

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