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  • We Treat Dynamics CRM Like a Blank Canvas

    Rather than a product or program - our team applies creative thinking, strategic planning and technical aptitude to help you design a unique solution that streamlines workflows, identifes key metrics and reports, and drives value.

    Cross-Canada Dynamics CRM Coverage

    We have local Microsoft Dynamics CRM resources in every office (Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg) and beyond, into Ontario and the United States.  No matter where you're located, there's someone nearby for on-site support.

    The Largest Dynamics CRM Resource Pool in Western Canada

    Not only the largest, but also the most diverse and talented.  Our team consists of twelve consultants that each specialize in Dynamics CRM disciplines such as analysis, design, development, process improvement, integrations, project management, training, support and MDM (Microsoft Dynamics Marketing).

    Unique xRM Solution Experience

    We have customized Microsoft Dynamics CRM for purposes way beyond the traditional “customer”.  If you need Dynamics CRM to do something that others might consider outside the box, our team can deliver.

    Enhanced Approach for Dynamics CRM Data Integration

    We are experts at getting data in – and out – of CRM.  Encore's development and data management experts have the know-how to build useful reports or integrate Dynamics CRM with your other systems.

    Data Enhancement and Advanced Sales Functions

    Our partnership with IntroHive allows us to deliver solutions that go the extra mile for your business with functions such as data enhancement and advanced opportunity discovery.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a solution that provides employees with access to consolidated customer knowledge helping them manage relationships that are critical to your business success.

    • Deep functionality that can be customized to fit your organization’s requirements
    • Integration to Microsoft products including a native Microsoft Outlook client and embedded Microsoft Office features
    • Scalable to fit both small and large organizations needs
    • Familiar interface drives adoption and improves productivity

    Empower your employees to drive your business

    Customer Service and Support

    Customer service tracking and analytics help service organizations measure service performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

    • Identify key customer service trends and findings using dashboards and real-time analytics
    • Optimize revenue through tracking and measuring performance for organizations, business units, teams, and individuals
    • Respond to cases faster and more accurately with access to customer contracts and service level agreements
    • Simplify contract management using workflows to trigger activities allowing you to consistently deliver the right level of service
    • Effectively schedule services and resources with automated reminders to best serve customers
    • Save time and money using workflows to route cases, calls and email to individuals, teams, and queues  based on inquiry type or any custom entity

    Sales Force Automation

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is squarely focused on helping sales organizations boost sales effectiveness and output.

    • Improve financial planning and accuracy of revenue projections with better pipeline management
    • Streamline lead management by tracking all your leads in one centralized system
    • Manage opportunities effectively with consistent sales processes with predefined workflows
    • Close deals faster by centrally tracking key deal information
    • More effectively position your company against the competition with competitor tracking
    • Streamline account management by tracking all activities and interactions for each contact and account
    • Establish consistent processes with pre-defined best practices and proactive activity generation and reminders
    • Improve communication and team collaboration through seamless integration with Office, Lync and SharePoint Server

    Marketing Automation

    With a 360-degree customer view, powerful segmentation tools and insightful analytics, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you create the right offer for the right audience.

    • Manage your data more effectively. Intelligently cleanse your data to eliminate record duplications and decrease your cost per engagement (CPE)
    • Improve conversion rates with highly targeted lists and associate them with campaigns
    • Streamline campaign planning by creating marketing plans including tasks, budgets and return on investment.  Save time by reusing templates
    • Better coordinate with sales by tracking leads in one centralized system.  Automatically score and assign leads
    • Measure your success with real-time key performance indicators (KPIs).  Follow key marketing objectives with comprehensive goal-tracking capabilities
    • Identify trends quickly with powerful analytics and allocate resources accordingly
    • Simplify communications with built-in mail-merge capability, email templates, and one-click conversion of email messages from Microsoft Outlook
  • Personalizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM (5:07 minutes)

    Flexible Goal Management in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (4:28 minutes)

  • Get in touch with our team to discuss your Microsoft Dynamics CRM questions or implementation plan.

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