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Track Performance Against Real Time Results with Prophix

Why Encore?
About the Solution
  • See Beyond the Spreadsheet

    Improve your ability to create forward looking plans and execute against them using Prophix. These plans are generated from accurate data and real business scenarios, allowing you to manage your resources in the way that is most beneficial to your organization.

    The Power of Prophix

    Putting Prophix to work for your organization means centralizing all of your data so that the solution’s full power can be harnessed.  Drawing from this database, Prophix generates reports quickly and allows users to work interactively.  Processing and validation have become tasks of the past, and your financial team can now get to work analyzing data instead of wading through piles of it to get to what they really need.

    Why Partner with Encore?

    Encore’s Business Intelligence (BI) expertise spans across a range of industries.  Our clients benefit from not only the simple-to-create, practical reports generated by the solution but by our best practice knowledge. 

    Prophix is quick and easy to implement and designed to work with your existing systems.  As with all of our BI solutions, you are offered continuous expertise and support that ensures your successful use of our solutions going forward.

  • Centralize your corporate performance management.  Prophix fully integrates budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards and in-depth analysis capabilities giving you a forward looking view of your company's performance.

    Fully integrate budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards, and in-depth analysis


    • Create a well-reasoned financial projection in a collaborative environment
    • View reasoning and justification behind budget estimates. Add your own notes, comments, and other details


    • Generate a well-informed look at your operation using planned and actual data
    • Integrate data from multiple external systems to get accurate forecasts of sales, inventory, expenses, or any other considerations of your different business functions


    • Recognize trends and significant variances using the analysis tools provided by Prophix for routine and simple data awareness


    • See your data with a wide range of chart types, legends, and other gauges to encourage better decision making


    • Created reports simply with easy to use drag-and-drop features; or through Microsoft Excel, which is fully integrated into Prophix
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What people are saying...

Prophix couples budgeting and reporting together with planning, enabling business leaders to efficiently communicate and establish the right metrics and goals for their organizations

—Joe Horvath,
VP, Sales & Business Development
Encore Business Solutions