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  • Automate and streamline your business with integrated software solutions designed for the bioenergy industry

    Fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, REAP provides the bioenergy industry the ability to optimize the alignment of their people, business management systems, and data to achieve maximum efficiency and return on investment.

    REAP will help you manage:
    • Commodity procurement
    • Investors
    • Project management
    • Inventory
    • Business intelligence
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Consolidate your data. See every part of your business in a single, integrated solution, allowing you to make confident decisions based on the most current, accurate information.
    • Streamline your plants operations. Get a big-picture view of operational functions such as inventory, investor relations, and commodity procurement to help improve productivity and profitability.
    • Use software designed for the bioenergy industry within a familiar Microsoft interface.
    • Capitalize on new opportunities and keep pace with market demands.
    • Take advantage of quality, timely service and support from the team who developed and designed REAP.
    Add-on Modules

    Extend REAP with...

    • Automated Delivery

      Integrate REAP with unattended weighing and metering solutions, facilitating 24X7 receiving and shipping operations by automating the authentication, weighing/metering and ticket printing of scheduled receipts and shipments.

      Learn more

    • Inventory I/O Control

      Inventory I/O Control is an enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics GP Bill of Materials. Inventory I/O Control gives Plant Managers the ultimate flexibility to monitor and control inventory levels and flow.

      Learn more

    • Investor Relationship Manager

      Investor Relationship Manager seamlessly integrates with REAP and Microsoft Dynamics GP and allows users to coordinate, monitor and manage various types of third party investments including shareholder investments and equities such as stock certificates and dividends.

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    • Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics

      Project Tracking with Advanced Analytics will enable you to maintain tight control of your plant’s project and budget information. You will have the flexibility to expand and adapt for the future by using a scalable system that is configurable to all of your plant’s projects.

      Learn more

  • REAP is a comprehensive commodity procurement and business management software solution for the bioenergy industry. Improve your plant’s ROI and streamline your business processes with REAP’s core solution functionality:

    Scheduled Deliveries

    • Enter details about future scheduled shipments and receipts such as customer/vendor, carrier, bill of lading#, third party and scheduled quantity to forecast and manage the facility’s shipping and receiving capacity
    • At the weigh scale, associate a shipment/receipt with a scheduled delivery to automatically fill in information already entered as part of the scheduled delivery
    • Create, read, update, or delete Scheduled Deliveries for different facilities

    Data Importer

    • Import data stored in a variety of formats (such as Microsoft Excel, .txt, .csv) in a simple two-step process
    • Set-up an unlimited number of templates to correspond to different sources of data, or different destinations
    • Import Scheduled Deliveries for different facilities

    Contract Management – Purchase and Sales Contracts

    • Define and ‘lock in’ flexible contract terms pricing components such as futures, basis, discount schedules and weights and grades to apply
    • Identify and record quality factors for a specific product such as moisture, test weight and damage to automatically create discounts at time of settlements
    • Track deliveries against contracts automatically
    • Set-up a contract with multiple or partial delivery periods
    • Allow external costs (such as freight and brokerage fees) to be associated to purchase and sales contracts
    • Create, read, update, or delete contracts for different facilities
    • Apply one facility's deliveries to another facility's contracts

    Purchase and Sales Settlements

    • Split deliveries across multiple contracts, settlements or customers/vendors
    • Automatically calculate discount schedules/premiums associated to the contract
    • Automatically calculate tariffs and levies associated to products
    • Create, void or reverse settlements
    • Reverse purchase settlements and resettle deliveries without voiding the original check to handle price corrections and to finalize advanced settlements
    • Reverse sales settlements and generate a sales return document in Microsoft Dynamics that will automatically reverse the A/R, inventory and distribution information created on the original invoice
    • Generate joint-checks with third party (i.e. banks, co-ops) information for vendors who have liens held against them
    • Issue advanced settlements for deliveries associated to unpriced contract prices
    • Track amounts owing from producers and other vendors that can be deducted from future settlements
    • Preview purchase settlements on screen prior to print
    • Take advantage of web services integration
    • Create, void, or reverse Settlements for different facilities

    Business Intelligence

    • Use information about daily market prices to generate market-to-market reports, and to analyze your risk positions
    • Set-up subscriptions to reports for individual customers and vendors (i.e. list of vendor’s receipts for the month) to be automatically generated and delivered either via e-mail, or via a shared network drive where it can be presented using other means such as a website or Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007
    • Combine information from REAP with other information from your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for better analysis
    • Ability to set-up report subscriptions for daily reporting
    • Risk Management – Daily position report utilizing historical date in time reporting
    • Over 26 reports based on contract, purchasing and sales

    Reporting and Analysis

    • Save reports for distribution and report information for data interchange using standard open formats
    • Access reports from within the application, or by using a web browser with access to the Report Server
    • Use subscriptions to automatically schedule, generate and distribute reports via e-mail or by posting them to a portal
    • Customize reports, present information visually through charts or graphs and include information based on specified criteria, sorts and subtotals
    • Access to multi- facility reporting

    Product Receipts and Shipments

    • Capture required delivery information such as vendor/customer name, weights and grades and produce a delivery ticket by using scale system interfaces
    • Attach product receipts/shipments to a contract or split among multiple contracts
    • Create Spot Contracts on demand for tickets that do not have an appropriate contract
    • Create, read, update, or delete tickets for different facilities

    Integrated Inventory

    • Convert raw material/commodity inventory to finished product inventory based on flexible specifications making it easy to reconcile
    • Average incoming loads based on current shipment and product left in bin
    • Use drill down, zoom and special menu capabilities that offer easy visibility into the pricing index
    • Track inventory items from origin through disposition, during which the commodity changes shape, form, content and ownership

    Window and Report Level Security

    • Setup security for a user or group of users that controls which windows and reports they have access to


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There really isn’t any other software on the market that can meet our needs and expectations to the extent that REAP can.

—Barb Bontrager,
United Wisconsin Grain Producers