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Easily maintain accurate records of refundable tax amounts for all business transactions

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  • Simplify the distribution process

    A powerful companion product to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Tax Distribution allows organizations to easily allocate the refundable portion of their taxes according to provincial and federal government rules and regulations. Tax Distribution can be customized depending on your company structure. You may choose to set up a refundable percentage amount based upon the General Ledger accounts, General Ledger segment, Vendor or Vendor Class.


    • Simplifies the filing process for tax returns, saving you time and effort
    • Eliminates manual input of tax data thereby reducing data entry errors and increasing efficiency


  • Highly flexible, Tax Distribution eliminates manual input of tax data, reduces entry errors and increases user efficiency.


    • Attach default tax tables to any and all vendors, vendor classes, segments, or general ledger accounts
    • Specify the percentage of tax to be entered into the appropriate tax account
    • Allocate the refundable portion of taxes to a specific general ledger account while adding the non‐refundable taxes to the purchase costs
    • Tax windows open alongside applicable Microsoft Dynamics GP windows making it easy to view how the allocated distribution corresponds to the original document
    • Easily allocate Tax refundable percentages when you enter or match invoices or when you receive shipments within invoices

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