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Lightning-Fast Data Warehouse Development

Encore's unique data warehousing processes lower cost and time-to-value

What is a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse stores your data in a place where it can be reported on.  Currently, your data is likely tied up in an inflexible system with limited options for exporting and visualizing. A data warehouse extracts this data and organizes it in a way that allows you to quickly create flexible reports however you like.  

How a Data Warehouse from Encore Lowers Your Cost and Time-to-Value

Other partners will put a lot of time into coding the structure and export/import processes for your data warehouse.  Encore has invested in creating a proprietary accelerator tool that auto-generates this code and takes you from design to implementation in a fraction of the time of our competition.   

ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) 

Dimensional Modeling

Master Data Management

Data Migration