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Encore Care has been designed to help you proactively manage your technology investment.  Plan beyond reactive support to ensure you achieve maximum success. With Encore Care Packages catering to varying needs, membership just makes good business sense.

What Encore Care can do for you

  • Protect your investment – With guaranteed response times of 1 hour or less and access to a secure customer portal to manage your tickets, you will always know your business critical technology is looked after.
  • Strategy and growth – Leverage Encore to review your business objectives, benchmark against other companies in your industry, and help you address unique challenges to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.
  • Reduce costs – Select the plan that best suits your organizations needs for one annual fee. You’ll save on every hour of service.

The Encore Care Advantage for your business

In addition to the service experience you expect with Encore such as hassle-free support, User Group sessions and access to the Encore Knowledgebase, Encore Care Packages offer more features as well.

  • Response times: Our service level agreement guarantees the time to acknowledge receipt of the issue and schedule next steps required to resolve client issues
  • Account review: Sponsors and members of the Encore Care team will discuss and ensure systems align with business strategies
  • Scorecard: Encore Care representatives analyze the current state of your systems and highlight opportunities
  • On-site presence: An Encore Care representative will visit your site on a scheduled basis and review any outstanding tickets, pro-actively start on supplementary tasks, or have their time used as the client wishes
  • Product specific annual service: Clients will have a choice of any one value added product specific service. Services offered are presented at the time of signing, and can be used at any time within the contract year


Care Package Description
Essentials Designed for simple environments, this package offers break/fix support and basic benefits. This plan requires a minimum purchase of 20 support hours.
Plus Designed for a more complex business that takes a proactive approach to system maintenance. Additional benefits include on-site services and quicker response times. This plan requires a minimum purchase of 150 support hours.
Premium Optimized for large organizations. We compliment your staff to allow you to focus on growth, overall optimization, and long term savings. This plan requires a minimum purchase of 300 support hours.


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