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Navigate the changing tides of your business with confidence

System & internal process improvements to keep pace with your success

We understand that your business will continue to evolve over time and that growth is your ultimate goal. Encore’s consultants can perform system and internal process reviews to help you be prepared to handle the peaks and valleys that come with regular business cycles, as well as the long-term upward path that comes with your growing and changing organization. We offer two different services that will help you focus on preparing for the future.

Discovery & Planning Sessions

Whether you need to launch a new process or improve on an existing, a Discovery and Planning session can ensure the proper applications are in place to support your changing business needs.

Through an in-depth discussion with key stakeholders, an Encore consultant will:

  • Evaluate your current business requirements
  • Review current system set-up
  • Record desired outcome

Upon completion, a Recommendation Report will document findings, provide the optimal solution(s) to support the process and propose the total investment to support the business needs presented.

Best Practice Sessions

We recognize that the key to success will come from your people. Best Practice sessions help improve efficiencies with individuals or departments in your organization.

To help you increase productivity, an Encore consultant will:

  • Watch individuals perform daily activities to identify areas for efficiency gains
  • Share short-cuts, how-to’s and offer recommendations on ways to improve daily tasks, processes and activities
  • Offer recommendations for additional in-depth training, if necessary