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Frequently Asked Questions

Advanced SmartList FAQs

1. What is a Snapshot?

The Advanced SmartList Snapshot window provides a snapshot of the information as it appears in the Advanced SmartList window. If the information is filtered, sorted or grouped in the Advanced SmartList window, the new data subset along with the new formatting will be carried forward to the Advanced SmartList Snapshot window. The Advanced SmartList Snapshot window will have identical functionality as the Advanced SmartList window. You can move, add or remove columns, filter, sort or group the information as required.

2. Can I compare two Advanced SmartLists to each other?

Yes, by creating multiple Snapshots.

3. What’s the difference between Advanced SmartList and SmartList Builder?

Advanced SmartList should not be viewed as a replacement product for SmartList Builder. Advanced SmartList’s feature set enhances the SmartList user experience by creating an interactive query tool with “on the fly” summarization and reporting capability. Advanced SmartList is dependent on SmartList Favorites (objects) including those created by SmartList Builder. SmartList Builder’s features are not interactive. Continual navigation to the SmartList Builder maintenance window is required to update the list parameters thereby increasing the amount of time and effort required to create data sets. With Advanced SmartList’s drag and drop, click and point features, you can create varying data sets instantly saving you time and money. As well, Advanced SmartList takes advantage of all SmartList Builder functionality. So in essence, Advanced SmartList enhances both GP SmartList and SmartList Builder.

4. How do you enable/disable Advanced SmartList?

With the Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList window open, choose the Additional option on the Microsoft Dynamics GP tool bar. (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> SmartList >> Additional >> Enable/Disable Advanced SmartList)

Project Tracking FAQs

1. Where can I find the Project Tracking user manual?

The user manual can be found in your GP client directory, (ex: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Encore\PT) or on our website, www.encorebusiness.com/Downloads/User-Manuals.aspx 

2. Where can I find the latest version of Project Tracking?

On our website at: www.encorebusiness.com/Downloads/Products/PT.aspx note, Advanced Analytics is a separate install and can be found at www.encorebusiness.com/Downloads/Products/PTAA.aspx. We also sometimes have additional builds available on our ftp site – please contact Encore Support at support@encorebusiness.com for more information.

3. I’ve just installed Project Tracking, and registered it, but I get an error when I try to enter Project Tracking – Setup, is there something I’m missing?

Unfortunately yes, you’ll need to run Table Conversion (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Maintenance >> Project Tracking >> Table Conversion) to set up the SQL tables for Project Tracking.

4. Does Project Tracking need to be installed on all GP clients, or only those that will be entering and processing Project Tracking transactions?

Project Tracking needs to be installed on all clients that will be creating, posting or archiving GP transactions. This will ensure that one workstation that creates Project Tracking transactions has the transactions properly posted if the GP batch is posted elsewhere.

5. Can security roles and tasks be set up for Project Tracking?

Yes, the Product is listed as Project Tracking, and the windows/reports can be found in the 3rd Party. We also offer enhanced security inside Project Tracking, by default, security is not activated when Project Tracking is installed. Once activated, you must set security permissions for all current users. If desired, you can disable security later.

6. The user ID shows up as a project in the list of available projects and also during distribution when we do payables invoices. We deleted that project through Cards>>Projects and it shows up again. Is there a way to remove it?

The user id project is auto-assigned if another default project has not been assigned for the user. If you do not open the Project Tracking distribution window, a project ID will not be assigned as the Project Tracking triggers will not run. This is the way to avoid assigning the transaction to a project – any project. The User ID project is a place to hold unassigned transactions and provides the ability to re-assign them to a valid project after posting. A ‘safety bucket’ of sorts. Within Project Tracking it is easy to move project information from one project to another without having to enter a transaction provided the correct GL account was assigned when the transaction was originally posted.

7. Is it possible to print the project distribution detail on the various Dynamics GP edit lists?

We have included copies of a number of reports in our report library that can be altered in report writer to include project information.

8. Are there eConnect or Scribe nodes available in Project Tracking?

We currently do not have any integrations with 3rd party importers. It may be possible to create imports using these 3rd party tools, but it has not been tested internally. Technical details can be found in the Project Tracking user manual.

Encore’s Project Tracking Importer can be used to import a project adjustment which is useful if you are entering transactions in a system outside of GP. Upon import you have the option of creating a journal entry with the project information attached or simply a project adjustment without creating GL transaction.

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